• The risk of electricity to both people and property is well-known, so all State and Territory Governments have legislation in place which regulates who can install, maintain and repair electrical installations for you.

  • A contractor that you engage to do work on your property must have a Contractor Licence to contract or subcontract to do any electrical wiring work for you. This licence is issued by the Department of Fair Trading in NSW. These rules are for the protection of you the consumer - they give you recourse if something goes wrong; and also help to ensure that the electrical contractor or any other professional trade you use is qualified and able to carry out a quality job.

  • Always ask to view your contractors' licence. If they are unlicenced, YOU ARE UNINSURED AROUND ANYTHING THEY DO TO AND WITHIN YOUR PROPERTY!

  • Home owners with illegal wiring are warned that they may find that they are not covered by their home building insurance policy in the event of a fire when it can be traced back to the illegal wiring as the cause of the fire.

  • Don't take a risk with electricity; only use reputable licenced electrical contractors to do work for you.

Top Tips:

  • Always get quotes in writing.
  • If it is emergency work you should still get a written estimate before proceeding so there are no surprises when the work is completed.

  • If the estimated value of the work or the contract becomes greater than $12,000 then the Electrical Contractor must provide Home Warranty Insurance.

  • Check that the contractor you are using is licenced correctly under the Home Building License through the Department of Fair Trading Online Licence Check.  To check a licence ensure that you select Home Building in Point 1, the contractors licence number in Point 2 and then click on the "I agree" to check your results.

  • Use NECA members as they are Licenced, Skilled and Professional.

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